Inspired by Elon Musk’s Tesla, this EV startup is building superbikes for India

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Founded in 2015, Ultraviolette is a Bengaluru-based electric vehicle company, which is building an ‘aspirational’ superbike for the Indian market.Around 2015-16, prices for lithium batteries started dropping. By then, in the US and Europe, Elon Musk’s Tesla was already making waves. The company changed the perception around electric cars, making them ‘cool’, high-end luxury products — aspirational not just functional and eco-friendly.

In India, entrepreneurs Narayan Subramaniam and Niraj Rajamohan realised that the next decade would see a rising need for electric vehicles.
However, they wanted to find a niche in this sector, and make a considerable impact. To this end, the duo decided to build electric superbikes in India for the Indian market. Thus, in 2015, they founded Ultraviolette Automative.
According to Niraj, people in India often have an emotional attachment to their bikes. Many youngsters associate their first hike or passing an exam with getting a new bike.
The duo felt there was an opportunity to build an aspirational value for bikes in India. Most millennials were already aspiring for a Tesla-like product, and are aware of its value. This is the coolness factor Ultraviolette wants to bring to bikes.
Simply put, Ultraviolette bikes will work like IoT devices. The body of the vehicle has a lot of technology in terms of batteries and sensor absorption while the consumer will also have an app that gives them the ride data.

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